The award winning Amalaganimals children’s book series that promotes tolerance, teaches acceptance, and helps combat bullying is making their very first live action movie to spread their message of goodwill to kids all around the world!

Initially created to teach multiracial children about their dual heritages, the Amalaganimals have gone on to serve as role models for all kids, teaching them everyday valuable life lessons through their own adventures.


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The award winning children’s book series The Amalaganimals is making a movie for kids!


Meet the Amalaganimals! A group of four energetic animal kids who are all multiracial! Together, they set out on a journey of self-discovery learning not only about themselves but also about other races and cultures.

Along the way they learn to appreciate their dual heritages and promote diversity and unity.

The Amalaganimals series of books appeal to all children, multiracial or otherwise, not only in how they view themselves and the world around them, but also to foster acceptance and understanding of other cultures.

While the adventures of the Amalaganimals can be enjoyed by all, the characters were created specifically for the children of multiracial descent. The goal is to assist multiracial children in identifying their differences and celebrating their uniqueness.

The Amalaganimal’s creator, Stephen Mark Pantoja, himself the child of an interracial family, knows first hand what it is like growing up not having characters that he could relate to, or not being able to read stories about the questions a young mind might have about being multiracial.


In an article published in the New York Times on march 24, 2011 by Susan Saulny entitled “Census Data Presents Rise In Multiracial Populations Of Youths,” the author reported:

“Among American children, the multiracial population has increased almost 50 percent, to 4.2 million, since 2000, making it the fastest growing youth group in the country. The number of people of all ages who identified themselves as multiracial soared by 134 percent since 2000 to 1.8 million people.”

This rapidly growing demographic needed heroes and characters that are like them, and Stephen Mark Pantoja created the Amalaganimals series of children’s books to help today’s multiracial youth.


Unable to find a publisher that believed in his message of diveristy and acceptance, Stephen Mark Pantoja self published The Amalaganimals books series on his own and was met with open arms by the multiracial population.

So much so, that he was able to  produce a live action Amalaganimals television show on public access in New York City, again funded completely by himself and volunteers who worked as crew and puppeteers.

The Amalaganimals television show was so well received by New York’s large multiracial  community, that it won the 2012 BETA (Bronx Excellence Television Access) for Best Youth Program.


Having heard about the Amalaganimal’s message of unity, educators have taken an interest, and creator Stephen Mark Pantoja has been a guest at a wide variety of schools and libraries where he talks about the ways the Amalaganimals assist kids with multiracial awareness, diversity and how to combat bullying.


From the very beginning, the Amalaganimals has been a labor of love for creator Stephen Mark Pantoja, who has funded every aspect of its inception, from writing the stories, illustrating the artwork, self publishing the series, designing the television sets, to creating all of the original puppets by hand.

We intend to branch out and go on the road, taking the Amalganimals to more schools, community events, and book shows, targeting the youth of today. This series is not just for multiracial children, but all kids can learn a valuable lesson from the Amalaganimals.

But in order to continue the good work of the Amalaganimals, we need help from you.


The Amalaganimals Groovy Movie takes the characters from the book series to the big screen with a 60 minute film extravaganza! Kids will be delighted with games, songs, and fun while also learning valuable life lessons at the same time. The Amalaganimals Groovy Movie will combine animation, live action and puppetry to bring this adventure to life.

However, embarking upon such a monumental endeavor does incur a considerable financial cost. It will cost us $10,000 to make the Amalaganimals Groovy Movie come to life and garner both national recognition and global distribution. In an effort to keep costs low and be as efficient as possible, our budget would be utilized as follows:

* Production (Transportation, props, costume, makeup, SPFX): 14.9%

* Logistics & Legal (Permits, locations, insurance): 14.9%

* Filming Equipment (Cameras, lights): 11.9%

* Food: 10%

* Post Production (Editing, color correction, sound design, VFX): 15.5%

* BBNomics Fees: 5%

* Producing Indigogo Perks: 17.9%

While a $10,00 goal may at first sound to be a daunting task, it is easily attainable if at least 500 of our fans donated $20 each. We could make the Amalaganimals Groovy Movie a reality!

In addition, your contribution to our film project can earn you a wide variety of perks, such as a limited edition Amalaganimal t-shirt, a set of personalized Amalaganimals books, the chance to create an original Amalaganimal character, an Executive Producer credit in the movie, even a cameo in the film or live Skype call with your favorite Amalaganimal!

All of the Amalaganimals Groovy Movie perks would make great gifts for that special child in your life.


Aside from being the creator of the Amalaganimals, Stephen Mark Pantoja also has over twenty years experience in marketing, merchandising and management.

As a Brand Ambassador for such companies as Kodak, Blackberry, Gamestop and Cingular, he has launched successful marketing campaigns for each and has an impressive track record for ingenuity and thinking outside the box.

In addition, Stephen Mark Pantoja is also an accomplished writer/director/producer and is responsible for several screenplays, books and cinema including The Paladin: Blood Bank, $TASH, Dead Bang, The Tellus Chronicles, Recoil, Black Pearl, and the Amalaganimals.

He has won the BETA Award for Best Youth Program for the Amalaganimals, the Next 15 Minutes Script Competition for $TASH, and the NYCFF Official Selection for David’s Story which he co-wrote.

He intends to use all of his combined experience in the business and entertainment industries and apply it to the success of the Amalaganimals campaign by teaching children about multiracial awareness, diversity and unity.


Remember, if we can get just $20 from 500 people, and then we can make this project happen!

So tell your friends and family, and you can be a part of making the Amalaganimals Groovy Movie come to life.

Even if you can’t help financially, that’s okay too! You can still support the Amalaganimals by telling your friends to spread the good word and going to our official website, LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! :)

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