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Help bring Heaven to Earth



Heaven, an 501c 3 organization, promotes community development in the impoverished black areas of Ravenna, Ohio. By using our scientific method of studying behavior in poor communities, we aim to diminish poverty and crime. All members of the board have been affected by poverty and collectively realized that behavior is a huge factor in remaining impoverished. Through education and life experience Heaven was created to eliminate negative behaviors. Improving the quality of life of those in Ravenna and surrounding communities who are unable to change it themselves. In order to set a good example for others, we must first change ourselves and our own families and that is exactly what the board members have done. Each one has participated in Heaven’s behavior changing programming, successfully completed and began working on changing the world around them one family at a time. With continuous support and proper education, poverty-stricken communities in America will soon be able to help themselves become thrive. We want to see a world where violence, drug abuse, and mass incarceration are a thing of the past.



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