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Young and Natural Hair Pageant for Girls


The Young and Natural Hair Pageant was created due to a growing demand in the community for young girls to be accepted and acknowledged for who they are.

Young and Natural Hair Pageant for Girls promotes the image of African and African-American young girls. We know images are important and we want to have images of the young girls displayed in a pageant about them. The event is a special day just for them. Their very own day to have family, friends and community celebrate the natural beauties! Our young girls rarely find fun mainstream events that celebrate them outside of school or sport forums. If our young girls are constantly only seeing images that embrace selective European features and styles it is harder to build a positive self-image that can function as a mental disadvantage. Our mission is to break society rules and standards of beauty. In the next coming months we are looking forward to continued success in turning society standards on their head. Young and Natural is determined to define our story and build the world we want to see. Our spectacular take on letting girls images be seen, talents displayed and voices heard.

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