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We are working diligently to produce the following methods for our empowerment, and much more…

Join us and spread the word, let’s recreate our own economic stability.

OVERVIEW DON’T STOP NOW! Our goal is $60,000++ to complete this project. Buy The Block and Stop Gentrification. Join The Movement!  The recession has hit us hard. Survival is now a helpless struggle. Even our everyday basic needs as a human are not that common anymore. With home ownership dropping lower each year and no […]

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Time to put our money where our hearts are. I need one thousand people to donate twenty-five dollars as a means to acquire land to develop our community.   I’ve got the black owned land development company on standby.   The black owned bank is ready to sponsor the project. We are all we have. Remember,  we […]

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  • Campaigndoes not end